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Concrete is used in almost every structural part of a building these days, no matter what part of the world you live in concrete is being used on a daily basis. Its strong and extremely versatile properties are used in both residential and industrial buildings and therefore make it a great choice for your new project. It is highly resilient to extreme weather conditions and virtually all other exterior circumstances that mother nature can throw at it, while its clean and smooth look is an added benefit to the design of the building. For a first class material that has, over many years, proven effective solutions to a large number of projects, concrete will be your best bet every time.

About Us

We have a very knowledgable and experienced team of professional concreters who work purely to help you with awesome concrete solutions for your home or place of business. At Pro Concrete Kempsey we use all of our teams experience combined together to give you the peace of mind that you deserve and the quality assurance process that will be met when we start your new project. We guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the end result once you have engaged our services and you will be thrilled with the high standard of concreting work that we provide, performing every task that we take on with skill and professionalism. Our friendly manner and can do attitude is what puts us apart from our competitors, which makes Pro Concrete Kempsey the best choice for your concreting requirements.


Good concrete skills are a must in our industry, but you would be surprised how many builders and other construction workers struggle with the task when it really comes to getting it done correctly. However if you are looking for that awesome standard of finish with result that speak for themselves, then it’s important to find a reliable concrete company. Pro Concrete Kempsey provides good old fashion service, we take the time to listen to your wants and needs, programming our work schedule to fit in with you. We can help with any concrete finish that you have in mind from concrete shed slabs to decorative concrete footpaths and everything in between, we even do timber and block work retaining walls. Also we are available to design and provide any type of concrete style and structure, our draftsman will use accurate dimensions to ensure the design works for the usable area that we have to work with and therefore the finished project is amazing, leaving you with a strong, practical and stunning finish.

What Our Clients Say

“Pro Concrete Kempsey were great from the first time we met until the last day that they worked at my property. Nothing was a problem. My driveway was badly in need of replacement and I was worried about the cost to be honest. They came up with some great ideas that not only look great but also saved me money. Thanks to Pro Concrete Kempsey I can enjoy the use of my front yard again!”

Tracey M.

“Our backyard was a mess after we renovated our house. We rang Pro Concrete Kempsey and they had some good ideas to bring our yard back life. Their team built a retaining wall and a pergola slab which gave us a huge area for entertaining around the pool. Pro Concrete Kempsey were amazing. They turned our tired old backyard into an area that is worth every cent and the results are awesome. I’m so excited to have my family and friends over to visit now. I definitely recommend the guys at Pro Concrete Kempsey.”

Wendy H.

“My dream of building a shed for my muscle car collection seemed like it was never going to happen until I found Pro Concrete Kempsey. They listened to my requests and understood that I wanted the new shed slab to turn out perfect! Their helpful attitude and knowledgable tradesmen put my mind to ease and this was reflected in the awesome job that was achieved once Pro Concrete Kempsey had finished. Great job guys!”

Dave F.

Pro Concrete Kempsey

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are used for just about every building whether a large high-rise or a small extension project. Some examples of this are concrete shed slabs, concrete patios and industrial slabs for warehouses. Concrete is a great choice for this purpose due to a high resistance to wear when exposed to wet weather conditions. Slabs like these can be joined up to link different areas of your back yard to make entertaining so much easier. Our concrete slab products can be used in a wide variety of designs and finishes to allow a real diversity in the services that we can provide to our valued customers.

Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway is the only type of driveway to consider and will make your yard look amazing. Unlike other materials like asphalt and pavers our concrete driveways will not move or crack over time. A driveway is generally subjected to many extreme conditionals for example cars driving along it on a daily basis, also extreme weather events like thunder storms and sometimes these are experienced together. When you use our team to create a concrete driveway we ensure that it will be durable, the finish will be absolutely stunning and it will stand the test of time.

Concrete Finishes

There is nothing quite like a concrete product that is finished by an absolute expert, therefore the project should be given to an experienced trades person. Our concreting professionals have a vast knowledge of the industry and the resources to completely finish any concrete space. The high standard of concrete that we produce is amazing and will leave your desired area both elegant and beautiful. That’s what our clients receive when we leave their premises.

Concrete Shed Slabs

We specialise in shed slabs of all shapes and sizes, including difficult and sloping blocks. Whether you want a small backyard shed or an industrial size shed for your business we have got you covered. We are happy to help with site preparation, digging the footings and of course the finishing of the new shed slab. We can help you with our experience in excavation, carpentry and concreting. Give us a call and we will assist you to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Concrete Patios

At Pro Concrete Kempsey we want to help and guarantee you will have a great experience with us. We also want to be sure you are happy long after we leave your place. We can transform your ideal outdoor patio into a beautiful, more versatile area for you and your kids to enjoy. We’ll meet with you in your backyard to ensure all the available options are discussed and we can determine the size and slope of your yard to deliver a quote that suits your requirements.

Retaining Walls

We offer concrete filled block work retaining walls and also treated timber retaining walls. It makes good sense to use concrete as the foundation to any load bearing structure. It is therefore the best choice for retaining walls. Core filling the block work core is the strongest of the two options, once dry, you can retain large amount of soil behind the new wall. Block work retaining walls are best for walls that range in height from 0 to 4.0m in height. If the wall is lower that 1.5m meters in height we recommend using treated timber to reduce your costs. At Pro Concrete Kempsey we are keen to discuss, quote and build your next retaining wall in either treated timber or concrete filled block work.

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We offer great customer service in the Kempsey area. Our team are fully insured and licensed concreters and they take pride in their work to ensure you experience a high quality finish. If you are looking for stunning quality concreting results, our vast experience and knowledge may benefit you. If you want to know more about the quality of work that we can offer and the customer service that we provide, please give us a call today!

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