Concrete Driveway

Your driveway can give the front of your property a great look from the street and sets off your front yard when it is properly designed.

A beautiful exterior for your home is something for you to be proud of and to give your fascade a high level of street appeal.

If you’re looking to achieve superior beauty, we recommend constructing and designing a concrete driveway that will alter your front yard beyond imagination. This could be your answer. Not only will it be long lasting and highly durable but the appearance will also be very clean and smart. Our driveways are designed by professional draftsmen and engineers, this goes without question, due to the nature of all driveways as there is a constant heavy weight from your vehicles moving and sitting on the concrete structure. If you are searching for an amazing driveway, which is both beautiful and practical, the concrete driveway’s that Pro Concrete Kempsey offer are the best.

Custom Concrete Driveway

Our concrete driveway services can be customised to the unique design that you desire. The project manager will meet with you to ensure the required finish is used and he will measure the area to be concreted then combine the two to build a beautiful driveway that give your home the wow factor. The driveway will be created from one of our many styles available, the whole concrete space will be both clean cut and durable. Our finishing methods, will produce your ultimate driveway that is individually designed to suit your property and will be a focal point of beauty in your front yard for many years to come.

Custom Concrete Footpaths

Concrete driveways and concrete footpaths are quite often built in conjunction with each other. Helpful and practical in linking up your front yard. If where you park your car and how you approach your front door needs to be separate then this is the best option. We have the ability and resources to use any style of concrete material that you choose, with a stylised concrete surface that you can be proud of, we can achieve it with both the beauty and practicality that you want to create.

Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

Exposed aggregate finish is another style of finish that is very popular among our customers. For any driveway or pathway, aggregate allows a wide scope of customised options that will give you a uniquely styled driveway, more so than other types of concreting. You select the colour and texture to create the right mixture of aggregate colour and cement colour. The driveway will have a high slip resistance and will be designed to stand strong against extreme wet weather conditions. For the best quality aggregate surface, you need a team of licensed and insured concrete professionals who have the equipment and resources to create the driveway of your dreams.

Decorative Driveways

Is your old driveway wearing through the top layer of concrete? Does it need a fresh new look? A decorative coating is most likely your best bet. With our decorative concrete range of services available we are able to design a driveway that suits your front yard. Decorative concrete coatings are great for improving your run down old concrete driveway and will cost you much less than demolishing the entire driveway and starting again. Our professional team can make this possible for you with our expert knowledge, resources available, skill set and precise equipment. We are professionals and want to give you the driveway you have always looked forward to, so why not contact us today to transform your tired old driveway into something to be truely proud of. Call Pro Concrete Kempsey today!!

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