Concrete Finishes

Concrete has many attributes and the material is very diverse, it can be used for almost every project imaginable.

Anyone can simply pour the concrete and wait for it to dry but this wouldn’t create a very good finish and could mean that the concrete has to be demolished and redone. A professional standard is achievable with Pro Concrete Kempsey and we will deliver the high quality finish that you expect, so it is important that you use an experienced concreter. Finishing requires the right knowledge, experience and equipment and also some specialist tools in the hand of an industry professional. Finished concrete surfaces require the correct process to be followed and once finished will result in a beautiful project that you can be proud of every single day.


An important part of any concrete surface is to ensure that it is level, straight and smooth. Consistency of the concrete area creates more appeal and the surface can be enjoyed by all ages and therefore make the slab more usable. For the smooth surface to happen specific equipment and methods must be adhered to. All of our concreters have the experience, a keen eye for detail and are methodical in their approach so they will trowel the surface to perfection.


When you want to achieve a clean, smart and beautiful finish, it is important that the edging to the concrete surface is completed properly. In order to create a high level of finish that you desire the work must be done by a professional which is absolutely essential. Edging is extremely successful when it is completed with the precise techniques required and an understanding of the knowledge needed for the task. With many years of concreting experience our team of trusted professionals are the very best in the industry, while their exceeding talent allows us to deliver outstanding edging finishes to your new concrete project.


Add value to your property by adding texture which is an element used by concreters to bring out an in depth alternative style. Texturing is achieved in many different ways, either by altering the concrete’s surface integrity or by adding in the specified material to the concrete. This gives the concrete enhanced anti slip properties and looks absolutely beautiful if completed correctly. A stencilling method can be applied to the new or old concrete by laying a pattern on it and applying the texture to the surface. When the stencilled area has dried this will leave the desired texture intact which can now be clear coated to allow for easy cleaning and protection of the area. This coating of the stencil area will provide a protective clear membrane which will ensure a long lasting and strong surface for your new stencilled concrete driveway or footpath.


Colouring is the most specialised type of concrete finishing for old and new surfaces. When your old concrete area is coloured it is the best way to help lift the overall appearance and beauty of your home. By adding oxide from the colours available into the concrete mixture we can create a space at a fraction of the cost of a new concrete driveway or entertaining area. You can rest assured when you employ our services as we are a fully insured and licensed company, using quality suppliers who completely guarantee their products. We can also assure you that we will honour and provide any certification necessary in regards to the completion of your project for shire council requirements as they arise and therefore reinforcing the structural integrity of your next concrete project. So give us a call at Pro Concrete Kempsey today!

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