Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, when built correctly, are capable of supporting heavy loads and are highly resistant to imposed force.

Whether the wall is constructed out of concrete filled block work or treated timber sleepers they are both high strength and resilient against most of the natural elements and therefore are very difficult displace. This is just one of the reasons why concrete is one of the most widely used materials for supporting various and sometimes unique structures. Concrete filled block work retaining walls are the best option for retaining large quantities of soil and adding a sturdy yet beautiful structure to your property.

Concrete Filled Block Retaining Walls

This type of retaining wall is built on a concrete footing then the blocks are laid on top of the footing, the appropriate reinforcement is used and the wall is filled with a special block fill mixture of concrete. These concrete walls work by retaining the soil that would have previously created a natural slope to the land. They are predominately used in designing and shaping an outdoor area like your yard to be built on for example a new home or an entertaining area. That way your backyard can be varied and adjusted to the specific levels that you require. Providing lateral support for the backfilling of soil, the retaining wall creates a stable structure which would be capable of supporting large buildings above it once the backfilling has been completed. The walls are normally visible and depending on the look and design brief you require, this will determine whether you want to consider using concrete filled block work or structural timber retaining walls. Our draftsman and engineering consultants will work with you, and with their vast knowledge of the industry, techniques and texturing products that are available, we are able to design and build a wall which is strong and durable but will also look beautiful for many years to come.

Timber Retaining Walls

The most common styles of household retaining are different types of timber retaining walls. They are strong and offer a stable base for any front or back yard, whether you use them for garden beds or for holding up the entire earth in your yard this is a concept that has already been proven successful over a long period of time. It’s a more cost effective solution than using concrete filled block work for your retaining wall, making it the best idea for almost everyone that wants a retaining wall built. Timber retaining walls can be constructed in a few ways. They can be built out of a treated pine material which we use for walls only up to 1.5 meters high or lower. The second more expensive choice is to build the wall out of seasoned kiln dried hardwood, when designed and approved by our engineer can be built up to 3.5 meters in height. Always employ experienced professionals to built whatever wall you decide upon and make sure they are proficient with their building skills.

Concrete Footings

Footings are the start of any building project, deeply embedding the structure into the ground, to ensure its structural and geotechnical integrity. The structural integrity of the building is counting on what was achieved inside the ground which will support the entire build as it progresses. Most footings are constructed with adequate supervision from the site engineer or project manager to make sure the correct building practises are followed at all times. Sometimes large concrete footings are necessary on sites with high risk of flood or poor soil conditions, normally when the footing system is designed correctly it is the perfect protection against building defects. For piece of mind when building your next large or small concrete footing structure give Pro Concrete Kempsey a call!

Concrete Steps

Concrete steps can be a great addition to your yard if they are completed correctly. If you are building your garden’s shape around that of the retaining wall, having steps built could allow you to make the space more functional. We would custom build the concrete steps to your requirements as we do with the rest of our concrete products and services. We can create coloured concrete steps and unique custom designs. To find out more detail about us. click here, or give Pro Concrete Kempsey a call today!

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